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Welcome to the place Where we bring the latest news to your doorstep, not one that contains nothing but rumour, but one that is confirmed and proved to b true.

Our goal is simple – We give you Latest news!!

How do we do this? By providing you with a ton of great content/news for free. We have some great writers who have gone through a vetting process that put together ACTIONABLE content. With each article, we ask ourselves – Will you be able to TAKE ACTION based on this single post? If not, you never see it. Hey – you are worth the effort.

What’s In it For YOU!

Putting it plainly – we offer A LOT of FREE STUFF to help you to be current with updated news . Yes, a lot that the other guys charge you for, we just give away. What all do we offer? Glad you asked . . .

Meet Our Admin

1.  Name:Owoloye Olalekan Lawrence


Phone no:0810084866

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2.     Name:Akomolafe Ayoyinka Adelani


Phone No:08062400847

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3.   Name: Olowofayoku Faruk Ayomide

Contact: Email: OR

Phone No: 09037036208

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Role: Co-admin/Publicist

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