Happened at the early hours of 9:30 at medoline junction opposite transformer beauty cafe,
Was having a normal chat with a friend when I sighted the patrol Van of d special Anti Robbery Squad from Owo division.
I approached them and tried to explain to them about yesterday’s incidence how some of our students residing at permanent site were beaten and molested, where a particular guy also broke his leg.
As I was about explaining to them, One interrupted and challenged me asking me “Who are you” I responded and told him that I’m the student Union President of this university
As he was still chatting with me and was asking series of questions, Another guy came down from d vehicle and asked me “Are you mad?” And I replied him if he was also out of his senses too
He attacked by dragging my cloth, I tried repelling his move when I saw one of our lecturers who immediately interfered and compelled me not to fight with them
So I quickly rushed to the police station to report

The DPO immediately sent his boys to go after them
They were captured and brougt to the station and whole incidence was narrated
As the DPO was trying to resolve the issue, calls started coming in that my students are on the street protesting. The moment they heard of the latest update (the officers)they started pleading for me to go calm my students.
The CSO assured them that the case won’t get out of hand but their mind wasn’t at rest as they were scared of what the students might do.
So they begged me to go plead with the students first, which I did ….
So I went back and they all apologized and promised that such won’t repeat itself again and students Won’t be harrased anymore
And the issue of bursting student’s hostel will stop Henceforth……..

Special thanks to the;

Dean students affairs , university
DPO Akungba Akoko
Students that were present
God bless Aaua
I remain my humble self SuE the bastard….
Post by Liberace.