​Meet Kali Muscle. This black man has an incredible story to tell and huge muscles and body to show!

This guy is huge, and he has invented innovative methods to train and grow huge muscles and strength. Why? Just because Californian prison had no special equipment for bodybuilding!Does he need special weights to lift?

 No. One towel and one partner are enough for him to grow that big. The guy has become very popular on YouTube, and his training is called the Prison Exercises! These are extreme, as the life conditions in prison are also extreme. People have to be able to fight for their lives during the riots or in conflicts with others.

Once he arrived in LA, he started his acting career. He even got shot for the nationwide commercial that has become viral. Besides making money and gaining in popularity, Kali Muscleal so sees his mission in talking to young people. 

He teaches them the lessons he has learned in prison about the violence and crimes.He wants other young guys to have better future and avoid waiting so many years in jail, as he did. The manis huge, strong and self-made. He started small but has grown his talent despite the odds and troubles of life.