​In South Africa, a 29-year-old woman identified as Bhobhoyi has publicly disclosed that her 35-year-old dead and ex-boyfriend, has been demanding for sex from her in her dreams.

According to our source, the lady revealed that although as at the time of his death they were no longer living together adding that, few months before his death she was living with him in the one-room they built together.The lady who now lives with her new lover disclosed that: “My lover is currently building on two more rooms.But this seems to have made my dead ex-boyfriend jealous, because I have not had peace since he began to build. He’s haunted me every night since February this year. He gives me hot klaps (slaps) and even demands sex from me. He asks me about my new man and demandsthat I leave him.”

lady further explained that she no longer lives in that house but has moved in with her new lover and has seeked spiritual help but all the things she was given did not work. However, her new lover as promised to continue with the building of the house as soon as they have found help.This world nawa o!