​Meet Ignatius Akpabio, a Nigerian Masters student who has graduated with distinction from Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.Ignatius Akpabio with his parentsMoreover, he has secured a prestigious British Petroleum (BP) prize for the best project on the course at the School of Computing Science and Digital Media’s annual awards ceremony.

Come back home and change NigeriaSurprisingly but despite scores of offers to stay abroad the outstanding young man is planning to come back home and contribute to the development of Nigeria.The Robert Gordon University, commonly referred to as RGU, is a public university in the city of Aberdeen, ScotlandIgnatius, who is from Lagos state, said: “Oil and gas being the major source of GDP in Nigeria means that the future of the country might well depend on the sector.READ ALSO: Lagos govt to empowerwomen entrepreneurs with $300mI’m a strong proponent of the ‘Nigeria of Tomorrow’ therefore, in every possible way I want to contribute my quota to the development of my country.

 Coming from an IT background, I would like to use IT to develop and improve the oil and gas sector.”How system worksIgnatius developed an inventory management system for an oil and gas servicing company as part of hisMSc project.It is able to monitor and ensure effective management of goods to and from the warehouses and also record sales and purchases of goods while automatically updating stock levels with each transaction.MSc. IT for Oil and Gas Industry with implementing the system was very challenging as it consists of a lot of functionalities. It was developed as a web application to aid authorised access from anywhere around the world as long as there is connection to the internet.The MSc course content itself is a very rich one which encompasses modules from core oil and gas engineering, petroleum geoscience and information technology.I have found my time at RGU very rewarding and the school, alongside dedication on my part, has helped me improve on my software development skills.”